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The Bally Hotel Casual Irish/American Dining & Full Service Bar offers Entertainment, Food & Drink Specials Nightly.  The Hotel is a locally owned and operated by the Knight & Meinzer brothers and has been serving the local community since 2007 by the brothers and since the mid 1800's by countless caretakers.

The Bally Hotel has been operated as an Irish Pub since the mid 70's & is best known for it's annual St. Patrick's Day Irish Wake Celebration.  During the Wake the street is closed down and erects a circus size tent to house it's live music & several bars serving great libation.  The Wake is always celebrated around the St. Patrick's Day Holiday.

Our Desserts are Like None Other!

The Bally Hotel has been reconized locally by "readers Choice" for having the "Best Desserts" in the Valley yearly since 2010.  With a resident "Mom" doing all the baking it isn't hard to understand why.  


Offering old world delights like Apple Crisp ala mode & Brownie Sundaes "Mom" also likes to create her own delights like "The Devil went down to Bally" & "Bally Rock Cheesecake" plus many more.  SO SAVE ROOM FOR DESSERT!